Suspect a Leak, inside or out - Hollar for the Doctor!  Kevin Thorpe -Leak Detection Specialist.


The Bucket Test - Diagnose if your pool has a leak

The Bucket Test, also known as the Evaporation Test, is a simple test that you can perform to diagnose if your pool has a leak. To carry out the test you must first turn off all your filtration and then  you will need to fill a bucket with water until approximately  5 mm from the top and then place it next to your pool. You should place it in a spot that receives the same sun and wind exposure as your pool does.


Mark the water level on the bucket with a pencil  and also mark the water level in your pool in the skimmer box.  Wait 24 hours and then check both levels.  Make a note of your result because if the pool loses more water than the bucket did, it means you have a leak. 


For an effcient test - perform overnight or when the pool is not being used so that the water is still for marking and not loosing water from splashing.



We specialise in:

  • Pool leak detection and resolution of same.  

  • Repairs to underground pool plumbing

  • Underwater repairs

  • Pressure testing pool pipework

  • We will discuss with you our findings and your options.  Obviously as a pre exisitng customer, we will offer you an unbeatable rate to assist the solution from our qualified plumbers.


We provide professional advice and solutions for your problem and can provide written reports at an additonal cost




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